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Corporate Gifts

A beautiful handcrafted chocolate gift is an easy and delicious way to say “Thank You” to your valued clients or to your loyal employees.  The perfect, timely gift – amazingly packaged and presented for maximum impact - goes a long way to achieve sales goals and staff retention by letting the recipient know that he has added value to your business  or that you want her as your new client.

Le Chocolatier has helped many of its customers achieve this end.  We can customize your logo in embossed chocolate or in a four color edible image overlaid on our highest quality chocolate bars.   We can also have a 3-D custom mold manufactured especially for your company in the shape of an emblem, mascot or other key symbol that represents you and your business. 

Customized ribbon is another way to personalize your gift.  This can be achieved quickly and efficiently in order to get your perfect gift out to as many of your clients as possible within a short turnaround time. 

For even faster results, we can write your message or hand draw your logo on any of our luscious chocolate products immediately with no waiting period for customization.  Suggestions for “Thank You” and “We Value Your Business” gifts appear below.

For customized logos and chocolate gifts, please call us or e-mail us at:

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