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All of Le Chocolatier’s mouthwatering chocolates are kosher, under the supervision of the NK – National Kashrut Organization, headquartered in Monsey, New York and led by  Rabbi Yacov Lipschutz. 

Our chocolates are available in regular kosher dairy, parve  and  cholov yisroel .  Indicate your preference by checking the desired option when you place your order.  Cookies are all pas yisroel.  

Our parve chocolate assortments will include only dark chocolate and non-dairy substitute ingredients.  Occasionally, for certain products or for chocolate favors upon request, white parve chocolate can be used however the quality of dark parve chocolate is superior in taste.  We DO regularly write messages such as “Mazal Tov” or “Happy Birthday” or the like in white parve chocolate on chocolate plaques  etc. and decorate in white parve chocolate  and this does not detract from the high quality of our sublime confections.

Pretzels are under OU supervision and are not pas yisroel however, when a cholov yisroel product is ordered, we include only pas yisroel  pretzels.  Otherwise, if pas yisroel pretzels are desired, please request this in the comments section of your order or call us directly and we will be more than happy to see to it that your kosher requirements are met.

Our factory and kitchens  convert to Passover production approximately three weeks before Pesach.  We serve kosher for Passover hotels and Passover programs throughout the Unites States so please place your orders early at this time of year.

It is our pleasure to fill the needs of the kosher Jewish community and appreciate the patronage of all our customers who are seeking quality kosher handmade and exquisite chocolate products.