Almost all of Le Chocolatier’s wide array of mouthwatering chocolate confections are available  in a lactose free form to meet the needs of all of our valued customers and their special needs.

You can count on and trust our commitment to using only non-dairy products because , as the well known saying goes, we answer to a “higher authority.” By this we mean that under the provisions of our kosher certification, all “parve” i.e. lactose free chocolate must not include any dairy product whatsoever. 

We at Le Chocolatier have been following these guidlines for lactose free (parve)  chocolate almost since we began making chocolate 30 years ago  and are experienced in creating the finest result in masterful gourmet chocolate that is also lactose free.

Our lactose free chocolate assortments will include only dark chocolate and non-dairy substitute ingredients.  Occasionally, for certain products or for chocolate favors upon request, white lactose free chocolate can be used however the quality of dark lactose free  chocolate is superior in taste.  We DO regularly write messages such as “Congratulations ” or “Happy Birthday” or the like in white lactose free chocolate  on chocolate plaques  etc. and decorate in white  lactose free chocolate and this does not detract from the high quality of our sublime confections.

To order lactose free chocolate, choose the lactose free (parve) option when placing your order. 

It is our pleasure to fill the needs and dietary requiremetns of as many of our valued customers as we can!

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