Great Hands-On Entertainment for Children and Adults Bring your Birthday Party or other Special Occasion Celebration to Le Chocolatier for 2 hours of creative and delicious fun while learning about the process of growing cacao and making chocolate!


Sundays: 11 am to 1 pm 2 pm to 4pm 5pm to 7pm
Weekdays, Monday to Thursday: 4pm to 6pm or 5pm to 7pm

Cost: $28 per child + tax (minimum 15 children) Gratuity of 15% for staff.

Recommended for: Girls and boys from 4 years old to 12 years old. Girls – up to 16 years old


one– where they will be dipping and decorating strawberries and other treats in milk, dark and white chocolate with assorted sprinkles and confetti, and the other – where they will paint a lollypop mold with colors and mold it into a pop. All the yummy chocolate treats will be given to the children to take home as favours..

Tables and chairs will be set up for the children either outdoors in our beautiful fountain courtyard or indoors, depending on the weather. A delicious chocolate birthday cake and cold drinks will be provided by Le Chocolatier. Parents may order pizza or other food and refreshment themselves, providing all food comes from an approved certified kosher establishment.

For further questions and to book your fun, creative party, call 305-944-3020 or e-mail info@lechocolatier.com


Le Chocolatier has been the perfect party venue for a Surprise 40th Birthday Party by a loving husband to his adored wife, a delightful Wedding Shower by a group of adventurous girlfriends of the bride, a Bar Mitzvah Party on Saturday night for out-of-town relatives and closest friends of the family, as well as innumerable Womens’ Groups who have gathered at Le Chocolatier for exciting lectures combined with chocolate indulgences.
A party at Le Chocolatier is a unique way to celebrate and will be the talk of the town among your friends and family!

WHEN: Adult parties can be scheduled at Le Chocolatier most evenings after 6 pm. During winter months, Saturday night makes a wonderful party time.

COST: $35 per person + tax. Saturday nights – $40 + tax. Includes chocolate making fun.

UPGRADE: Customize your party by making larger chocolate pieces and/or fill with truffles. Call for prices.

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN: Add a flowing Chocolate Fountain with fruit skewers, strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows & oreos to dip – $5 extra per person /$150 minimum.

FILM SCREENINGS AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENT: Other forms of party entertainment can be enjoyed in our beautiful Fountain Courtyard. Call and speak to our knowledgeable staff for the unique party that suits you, your guests and your special occasion!

Call 305-944-3020 or 1-888-lechoco (532-4626)
e-mail: info@lechocolatier.com

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