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Molded Chocolate

Sometimes, chocolate should just be chocolate, especially when it is molded into astonishing shapes and painted with vibrant colors!  Le Chocolatier maintains a collection of over three thousand molds in all shapes to enhance your themed parties or just for an unusual gift.  We use our time honored, highest quality chocolate for both taste and beauty to make these amazing molded creations stand out from the rest.

Our molded shapes can also be dusted in gold or platinum, made to look like prized possessions or antiques, only edible and delicious.

Also, custom molds are par for the course daily at Le Chocolatier where we have access to the finest mold artists in the Unites States. We can create your business logo in chocolate with a customized mold or a molded shape with a four color image overlay. Only a few weeks’ notice is needed.  (See “Corporate Gifts”.)

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