Truffle Tower for the Miami Bar Association reception at the Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FL


It is our unique pleasure to serve fellow colleagues and professionals throughout the service and hospitality industry as well as the hard working party- planner who deals with us all!

We already have strong relationships with so many of you and look forward to creating many more similarly strong ties with others who  strive to bring unique favors, desserts, centerpieces, host gifts and other products to your clients having parties, special occasions and other experiences.

Joseph Marmor, owner of Le Chocolatier, has done prior career stints as a food and beverage professional with Hilton International, Hyatt Regency Chicago and as part of the Laromme Hotel team (now the Inbal Hotel) in Jerusalem, Israel. His background gives Le Chocolatier the creative edge to help other professionals find the perfect, exquisite chocolate compliment to any event, life milestone or experience.

Special pricing is available commensurate with size of order. We will be happy to work with you to find the perfect event enhancement and  optimal price point for you and your client.

Call us at 305-944-3020 or 1-800-lechoco (532-4626). Or e-mail

Avail yourself of top-of-the-line professional assistance with the fastest turnaround time in the business.

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