Signature Truffle Boxes

Le Chocolatier’s Selection of exquisite, melt in your mouth flavors of superb ganache centers enrobed in the ultimate highest quality chocolate couverture. Choose from either fruity flavors, our liquor selection, more classic array or a combination of all three! Select from original dairy (widest variety of milk, dark and white couverture using authentic creams), Parve /Lactose Free ( dark chocolate utilizing vegan friendly recipes) or CY/Special Kosher.


Fruit Essence

A selection of exquisite truffles incorporating rich and exotic essences of Mango, Passion Fruit, Citrus Orange, Florida Key Lime and more.

Liquor & Wine

Sophisticated Flavors of Gran Marnier, Kahlua, Tequila Sunrise. Champagne, Cabernet and more infused in delectable truffles with rich couvertures for an out of this world chocolate experience.

Classic Flavor

For chocolate lovers with purist tastes, our time tested luscious flavors of dark cream, classic milk, cappucinno, white chocolate ganache, & caramels.

Symphony of

For the all inclusive chocolate lover, pick this selection of Fruit Flavors, Liquor & Wine ganaches and ever true Classic favorites combined in a perfect selection to satisfy the universal palate.

Exotic Small

Middle Eastern Favorites in small, precious doses. Try our Cranberry Nut Nougat , Pure Nougat or Glace Apricots drenched in our fines quality couvertures.

Sugar Free

A curated selection of sugar free truffles and cremes to satisfy chocolate lovers among us. Using sugar substitutes in the recipes, these whet the palate and elevate moods!