One of Le Chocolatier’s owners’ proudest accomplishments is having remained active participants in the growth of their community for 30 years, since 1980.  Through ups and downs and growing pains, Le Chocolatier has been a devoted member of the City of North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, an avid enthusiast of the city’s Community Redevelopment  Agency(CRA) that created a Main Street Project right at Le Chocolatier’s front door, delighting in cutting  the ribbon at the opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony . Throughout the years, Le Chocolatier has gladly donated door prizes and  journal ads, offering support  to local churches, synagogues, schools and wonderful organizations throughout the community.  Always the motivation has been to help build a better world for our children.

Last year on Valentine’s Day, we partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Research and gave back 20% of our sales of products that included a  customized  SGK chocolate ribbon, as well as hosting an evening for its supporters.

We also are proud to have hosted many parties for Chai Lifeline – an organization that gives help and support to ill children and their families. The events were organized by the wonderful staff and counselors of Chai Lifeline for siblings of these children to spend time together in a happy and carefree environment. We were so pleased to be part of this generous initiative by such a special group of people.

For questions and interest in partnering with Le Chocolatier for community and charitable causes, please e-mail Marlene Marmor: marlene@lechocolatier.com

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