We are reprinting testimonials from a popular website and including ALL of the comments!

We are happy to say that none were negative – but then we hear this every day from our customers anyway! 

Enjoy the chocolate chatter.

Marlene & Joseph

Owners of Le Chocolatier


★★★★☆ very good

Amy B.

very good selection of the best chocolate you’ll ever taste. They have some unique things to choose from and prices are very good.


★★★★☆ Very Good

Debby C.

It’s hard to pass this place up. Yes, it’s costly, but it’s well worth the price. I especially love the milk chocolate and white chocolate. Service is very quick and friendly.


★★★★★ Great chocolate place

Phyllis S.

Ooooh. You can smell the chocolate as you walk in. It’s intoxicating. The chocolates are delicious. They sell milk and dark chocolate, dairy and parve. It’s expensive but worth every penny. Service is very good. They also deliver.


★★★★★ Great and Unusual Chocolate Designs

June D.

Not only are the chocolate designs beautiful and original, but you can watch them being made in their factory by looking through the big glass window in the shop. There are lidded boxes, baskets, figurines, toys, champagne bottles, and much more, all constructed from chocolate. Not only do they look good, but they are delicious as well.

The chocolates are all Kosher and are appropriate for anyone looking for this kind of product.

Even better than the chocolates is the proprietor who is very patient, kind and accommodating. His staff does an excellent job of satisfying the customer and making suggestions.

The prices are fair for what you are getting as far as presentation and quality


Here are some additional comments that we received:

“Dear Joseph,  
 I sent one of my clients one of your gift baskets today congratulating him on the opening of his new restaurant. He just called thanking me saying he’s “never seen anything like this before.” Thanks for making me look good.
* Jonathan Beckerman, Attorney at Law”

“I received this beautiful boat of the most delicious chocolates from my family, the Adlers, for my 80th birthday. It was a surprise and lovely presentation. In the past when visiting, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying your fine chocolates, but this was outstanding.  My thanks to you.          
*Sylvia Kane”

“Based on the wonderful response we received from the baskets you made for Steve L. ,  we are ordering the additional client holiday baskets shown on the attached 2 lists (for a total of 65 baskets).     
Seitlin Insurance”

“Dear Joseph Marmor,      
I wanted to take a second to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your last minute support and participation with my first event . . . . . I appreciate the fabulous prices, the efficient preparations, and the extraordinary  quality of our chocolate order    . . .. . .. and we had the most popular, clever, and delicious chocolate giveaways, fitting with our organization’s theme.   ……I look forward with great enthusiasm to working with you again.     
*Eli Mizrahi, Special Events Coordinator, State of Israel Bonds”

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