Custom Creations

The chocolate artisans at Le Chocolatier combine 35 years of experience in creating individualized custom chocolate gifts and centerpieces.

With an unlimited stock of molds in all shapes and sizes and access to innumerable styles and themes of baskets, platters, and containers, we can realize many creations that are not in our regular product lineup – as wonderful and delectable as that may be!

We have a huge variety of plastic molds to shape unique chocolate reproductions of, say, the Eiffel Tower, a New York cab, a chocolate teddy bear, a giraffe, a striped zebra, a luxury speed boat, basketball, soccer ball, football etc. etc. Our collection includes many various shapes of plaques & pops to distinguish and personalize your platter or basket.

Handwritten short messages or person’s names can usually be added (written in chocolate of course!) It is also our pleasure to cross and combine elements from existing products to create one that more closely fits your

Wrapping can be customized upon request, such as color coordination to match seasons, décor or special occasions or, if minimum quantity is involved, printed ribbons can be ordered. It goes without saying that when no customization is requested, we continue always to use our best talent and experience to create the perfect chocolate gift creation, always.

You can fill up form to be contacted to talk about a custom designed gift or project:

Please fill out the form and submit to us so that we can be in touch soon and start working on your appreciation program.

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