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A creative way to show a special person how adored they are, this three-dimensional hollow white chocolate edible heart contains 6 chocolate cheesecake heart-shaped truffles, 6 vanilla latte heart-shaped truffles, 2 chocolate dipped Oreos, and 3 chocolate dipped pretzels. Separately molded letters on top of the heart box read your choice of "LOVE," " VALENTINE" or "BAE" (i.e. Before Anyone Else). A ribbon decorated small hammer is included to break the chocolate heart to reveal the goodies inside! All are presented in a self-closing red gift box with plenty of festive filler and finished with a hand tied logo ribbon. A truly unique and decadent gift.

Step into a world of enchantment with Le Chocolatier's captivating White Chocolate Heart Smash Box—an exquisite creation designed to add magic to your celebrations. Crafted entirely from smooth and creamy white chocolate, this heart-shaped box is adorned with chocolate letters that spell "Valentine" atop its delicate lid, enclosing an array of 17 assorted truffles and chocolate-coated treats awaiting discovery.

Nestled within an inviting red magnetized box, the anticipation mounts as you prepare to unveil this charming surprise. Adding a playful twist, each box comes with a dainty hammer, inviting you to embark on the delightful experience of smashing open the white chocolate heart box and revealing its hidden treasures.

As the white chocolate heart breaks open, it reveals an indulgent assortment of assorted truffles and chocolate-coated delights. Explore a delightful medley of flavors and textures—creamy ganaches, fruity infusions, and crispy, chocolate-covered treats—a symphony of taste and craftsmanship in every morsel.

Le Chocolatier's White Chocolate Heart Smash Box isn't just a delicious surprise; it's an experience that combines the thrill of unveiling with the pleasure of savoring premium white chocolate delights. Whether it's a surprise for a cherished one or a delightful treat for yourself, this innovative creation promises moments of joy and delightful indulgence.

Embrace the enchantment of discovery with Le Chocolatier's White Chocolate Heart Smash Box—a fusion of creativity, sweetness, and the pure delight of white chocolate extravagance, all wrapped up in an enchanting and playful package.

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Weight 13 lbs
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Original/Dairy, Parve/Lactose Free, CY/Special Kosher

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